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“Barbara is a creative, high energy designer whose hybrid sensibility of business acumen combined with innovative design makes her one of the most talented designers to have worked for me. She is an incredible team player who is looked to for leadership. Her area of responsibility at Wal-Mart consisted of active apparel….this was one of the healthiest business models we had – generating strong sales and meeting the demand of the consumer for relevant product.”
–Hope Brick
VP Product Dev
Lane Bryant Apparel



“Barbara Clarke Ruiz is a talented, creative professional who “raised our game” in athletic apparel. With a keen understanding of the athletic apparel segment, and deep expertise in designing attractive, functional and on-trend athletic clothes for all ages, Barbara worked closely with our product development team to bring our athletic brand to life, season after season.”
–Susanne Kernan
Global Licensing and Retail Strategist

“Barbara Clarke Ruiz has been a creative resource that our inhouse brands have benefited in many ways. She brought freshness and innovation to our in house Brands that rivaled our national branded merchandise, forcing them to step up there technologies. Barbara incorporates cutting edge trends and technologies in her smart designs. She obviously understands diverse customer segmentations and how to serve them. It is my opinion that her consult should be highly valued and sought after. She is a leader in trend research and conveys those trends seamlessly in her designs. Barbara Clarke Ruiz is a total package of research, Design and Development.”
–James Martin
Sr.Design Manager
Wal-Mart Inc.


“Barbara is a well seasoned, highly energetic, & creative apparel designer who through working with her teams, understands how to blend trend with product relatable to the customer. I had the pleasure of working with Barbara when she joined Wal-Mart as the Creative Director for Active. This was one of the strongest businesses at Wal-Mart & she was a great contributor to pushing the brand forward. Her passion & drive make her an excellent asset to any company as well as her willingness to share her knowledge & expertise.”
–Heather Thompson
Sr.Product Dev. Manager Earthbound Inc.