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“Barbara is an accomplished apparel designer who understood the power of the brand and the connection to the consumer when I worked with her at Adidas.

She designed many signature styles that were very trend right and commercially viable. adidas was the brand of choice in the late 80’s and early 90’s and many of her designs were being adopted by the taste makers. Barbara has designed across many brand categories is adept at everything from outerwear to swimwear. She also has a great eye for color, prints and patterns and she is acutely in touch with the cultural trends that are happening in the digital age.

Barbara was and still is very connected in the industry and her ability to reach out to all creative types influenced her work and her creative drive. Barbara was a wonderful person to work alongside because she was so willing to share her knowledge and expertise.”

–Janette Nichol
VP Creative

“Barbara Clarke Ruiz is the founder / director of BCSWIRL, Inc is a rare jewel in this industry. She is above all honest, has integrity, driven, posses a positive attitude and is extremely talented in both design and management. I am grateful to work with her at adidas as she is by far one of the most talented designers.”

–Leeford Grant
Design Director – Esmin Srl
Sardegna, Italy